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Another Post-less Week

22 Feb

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that tomorrow there won’t be a new recipe. I’m taking this week off to catch up on the Oscar-nominated movies so that I can properly enjoy the awards show on Sunday. I even created my own drinking game for the event.

I also plan on live-blogging the ceremonies Sunday night, so if you’re into movies and going to be watching, come on over to my movie review blog, The Analytic Critic, and join me for my progressively disoriented opinions on the show!

No New Post This Week

25 Jan

Hey Kitchen Studients, I just wanted to let you know that this week there will sadly be no visual recipe, due to a perfect storm of post prevention.

First off, my laptop went to the laptop afterlife last week (I can’t say which afterlife it was sent to, since it kept its personal morals private) and my new computer has yet to arrive. Secondly, the recipe I picked to make last night, a Korean grilled beef dish to continue the Asian food trend I was doing, was plagued by some problems resulting from the language barrier. It was very unspecific and seemed contradictory at times.

Despite these two hurdles, I started cooking as usual, hoping that today would be the day that my computer came in and assuming I’d be able to wing the recipe well enough. Unfortunately, in the midst of my cooking session, the lightbulb to my Kitchen Studio light burnt out, ensuring that I had no way to take quality photographs. It was this final blow that made me give up, for I felt there was nothing I could do.

But don’t fret. I’ll have my new computer within 48 hours, I shall order new lightbulbs, and I will stick to English-language websites for my recipes from now on. I’ll also probably begin making new posts on Thursday every week instead of Wednesday. So, on that note, see you next Thursday, and in the meantime, eat well!

–Chef JAJ